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  • Clapper board

    How to Sell a Screenplay (II). Contests

    After you’ve tried with your exhaustive list of possible connections to sell a screenplay as we have already explained, it’s time, in parallel, of sending your creature to fly. It’s supposed that, if your connections haven’t worked for you (yet), . That representation figure can …

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  • Movie Screenplay

    How to Sell a Screenplay (I). Connections

    So goes an old anecdote of the trade. The guy in question was looking for connections to sell a screenplay. He finally managed to get two of them in preproduction. It must be clear that you, the scriptwriter, must devote a big deal of your …

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  • Profitable investments

    How to Create Profitable Investment Strategies

    You can run into certain cases of people who have made a killing over windfall profits, but usually the only investors who earn constant profits in the financial markets are the ones who have clearly outlined investment strategies that they follow strictly. To achieve a …

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  • Ebook

    Creating your own Ebook Template

    Luckily, with the eBook platforms (like kindle or Barnes&Noble) and a good ebook template, anyone can publish a book nowadays and there are no excuses for not fulfilling your dreams of becoming a writer, especially when we are talking about “how to” books (not novels) …

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  • Roulette image

    Roulette and Financial Markets Losing Money Strategies

    It is amazing to see how many people still believe in wonderful roulette strategies that reaches our email inbox every once in a while. I am sure you know it, it is about betting an amount on red or black and, and bet the same …

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