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  • Clapper board

    How to Sell a Screenplay (II). Contests

    After you’ve tried with your exhaustive list of possible connections to sell a screenplay as we have already explained, it’s time, in parallel, of sending your creature to fly. It’s supposed that, if your connections haven’t worked for you (yet), . That representation figure can …

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  • Movie Screenplay

    How to Sell a Screenplay (I). Connections

    So goes an old anecdote of the trade. The guy in question was looking for connections to sell a screenplay. He finally managed to get two of them in preproduction. It must be clear that you, the scriptwriter, must devote a big deal of your …

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  • Ebook

    Creating your own Ebook Template

    Luckily, with the eBook platforms (like kindle or Barnes&Noble) and a good ebook template, anyone can publish a book nowadays and there are no excuses for not fulfilling your dreams of becoming a writer, especially when we are talking about “how to” books (not novels) …

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